my name is pauline. dimensiv is a space for analytical and commentary content that recognizes complexity, is journalistically accountable, fact-checked and clearly referenced. sometimes it gets personal. i aim at being objective without being neutral. i dislike claiming truth.

i’m a self-employed concept artist and illustrator. before that drastic change of industry, i spent several years working as a support advisor for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in central germany, and doing local integration and humanitarian support in the uk and france. i have a BA in international relations from university college maastricht in the netherlands and an MA in conflict resolution in divided societies from king’s college london.

i write about my perspectives, analyses, changes, reflections, struggles and experiences. i often write just to clear my head and structure my thoughts. i am always looking for a good exchange, new input and constructive feedback, so feel free to message me. i’d be happy to cross-post articles or co-write something.

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